EVH Surveys International BV
Curieweg 7
3208 KJ Spijkenisse
The Netherlands
Office: +31 ()88 780 1000
Email: info@evh-surveys.com

Trade register Rotterdam 22051308
VAT ID# NL81 1091 508 B01
IBAN NL95 ABNA 0434 0864 60

Leendert Moret
GSM: +31 651 755751
Email: moret@evh-surveys.com

Frank Wijnbergen
GSM: +31 651 755732
Email: wijnbergen@evh-surveys.com

Eric Opdeweegh
GSM: +31 621240217
Email: opdeweegh@evh-surveys.com

Astrid Bakker
Email: bakker@evh-surveys.com

Wim van der Vliet
Email: accounting@evh-surveys.com

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Cargo loss surveys

Serving the transport insurance industry for over thirty years the EVH team has gained vast experience in all aspects of marine cargo. From break-bulk to containers, from fertilizers to ores, grains and derivatives and from chemicals to edible oils.

In Rotterdam, one of the largest ports in the world, an enormous variety of cargoes is loaded, discharged or transshipped. EVH surveyors are often involved when something goes wrong in the carriage or handling of these cargoes.

Damage assessement forms a large part of the daily routine of our surveyors. Machinery en-route to to far away places, edible oils from SE-Asia or the Americas, ores and minerals from Australia, grain cargoes and derivatives from the United States and a variety of other products from all over the world. Whenever a cargo is damaged insurers, shippers and receivers alike, rely on EVH to inspect the cargo, assess the damage and issue a comprehensive report without delay.



Damage assessement is only one aspect of loss surveys. EVH marine surveyors also assist in mitigating the losses and provide advice on measures to be taken for reconditioning or repairs. Loss prevention lessons can be learnt from damages and EVH may assist in the improvement of ransport safety, packing and protection of cargo in transit.