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Leendert Moret
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Wim van der Vliet
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Claim recovery services

EVH Surveys International BV provides recovery, subrogation and salvage capability for clients all over the world and controls expenses by providing efficient, cost-effective subrogation to recover losses from third parties.

Our recovery service provides:

  • Specialized recovery specialists
  • Cost effective recovery based on a no-cure no pay basis at a competetive fee
  • Express handling to avoid unnecessary delays
  • Negotiating settlements to avoid litigation, with less than 10% of recoveries with legal action
  • Recoveries are handled strictly confidential

EVH Surveys International BV provides a comprehensive service including:

  • Investigation
  • Administration
  • Claims handling
  • Case referral and reporting
  • Legal advices after consultation with clients
  • Litigation where necessary, only after approval of client with estimate of legal costs.
  • Control of recovery costs