EVH Surveys International BV
Curieweg 7
3208 KJ Spijkenisse
The Netherlands
Office: +31 ()88 780 1000
Email: info@evh-surveys.com

Trade register Rotterdam 22051308
VAT ID# NL81 1091 508 B01
IBAN NL95 ABNA 0434 0864 60

Leendert Moret
GSM: +31 651 755751
Email: moret@evh-surveys.com

Frank Wijnbergen
GSM: +31 651 755732
Email: wijnbergen@evh-surveys.com

Eric Opdeweegh
GSM: +31 621240217
Email: opdeweegh@evh-surveys.com

Astrid Bakker
Email: bakker@evh-surveys.com

Wim van der Vliet
Email: accounting@evh-surveys.com

Claims service

EVH Surveys International BV provides claim administration and claims handling:

  • Collect and evaluate claim documents
  • Review loss reports
  • Determine potential financial liability
  • Negotiate and settle claims
  • Arrange subrogation and prepare file for recovery


Excellent claims service helps underwriters to retain and expand their business.
Lack of local representation may cause unnecessary delays in claims settlement.
Claimants may need advise to fulfill their obligations under the insurance contract.
EVH protects your interests by maintaining a good relationship with insured, claimants, underwriters and claims staff and enhance your reputation as marine insurer.