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Heavy lift and project cargo

Heavy lifts and oversized equipment are often the most critical items in the construction of large plants for the oil and gas industry as well as power plants and chemical complexes. EVH surveyors are involved to review plans, advise on handling, stowage, lashing and securing of these cargoes. Clients are large industrial insurers, engineering companies, international freight forwarders and shipping companies. Loading- and discharge surveys are conducted worldwide. EVH surveyors travel around the globe to take care of your cargo.


Lifting plans are reviewed and lifting equipment is inspected. Vessel’s stability is checked and operations are discussed with vessel’s staff. Stowage plans are discussed and securing proposals are reviewed to ensure safe handling and transport. EVH surveyors are not just observers, they become partners in the operation aiming to avoid risks, optimize planning and execution of operations and increase safety.
Reports are issued, documenting loading, stowage and seafasting with drawings, calculations and photographs.