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Transport fraud- and theft investigations

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About fifteen years ago the worldwide transport of computers and related equipment started to increase significantly. Surveyors of EVH Surveys International became heavily involved in the investigation of related Hi-Tech losses. Whereas initially those surveys were mainly damage related, it was not before long that criminal elements had noticed the profitability of the trade and had quickly developed their own market and logistics and ways to lay their hands on these goods.

PC in box replaced by brick

In 1993 the member nations of the European Union created a borderless single market in which it is possible for businesses and enterprises to trade in a customs - and border free zone. Also the criminals had noticed the advantages of these open borders.

By serving already for years several major manufacturers, logistics providers and underwriters, EVH Surveys International BV is able to provide a comprehensive package to principals, including but not limited to overt – and covert investigation throughout Europe, recovery of stolen products and issuing loss preventing recommendations.

Having served the international insurers for many years, EVH Surveys International BV has a strong focus on recovery of goods or the incurred financial loss.

Contacts with police as well as security professionals in the High-Tech industry is excellent enabling exchange of information and cross border investigations.

Pallets with Hi-Tech goods
protected against pilferage